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1.teacher mobility includes teaching activities performed by teachers working in one higher educational institution in another higher educational institution. The academic activity of teachers included in the field of mobility can be at least six hours per week. Classes are based on calculating the activity performed by the teacher per hour. Academic activities, such as seminars, panels, or conferences, are evaluated in this context if the class hours are not filled six hours a week. The mobility plans of teachers that do not include teaching activities cannot be evaluated within the framework of the exchange program and cannot be changed.

2. applications do not contain section restrictions. After all applications are submitted to the semester of the Turkish university Association, the evaluation is made in accordance with the preferred decisions on the admission of the teachers of the host university and the results are announced. The teachers who apply want to carry out academic mobility at the university they want to apply for/whether there is an appropriate department / program, information about the language of instruction should be viewed at the web address of the university they want to apply for.

 3. the teacher's mobility period can be 15 days, once during the academic year.

 4.the scope, duration and conditions of mobility may, if necessary, be reorganized by the Presidium of TURKUNIB for the effective and effective performance of the teacher's mobility.

 5.the teacher mobility program fully reflects the actions performed by the teacher. This plan was approved by the board of Directors of the relevant academic unit of the institution, which accompanies the private institution of the teacher. The teacher mobility plan and the signed higher education exchange program are delivered to the coordination offices of the institution at least 15 days before the start of implementation. In this regard, priority is given to specific conditions, such as the language of education of the University, the language in which teachers teach, and the level of knowledge of this language. Priority is given to applications from teachers who have not previously participated in the exchange of teachers.

6.teachers who have the right to participate in the exchange program and do not participate in changes for no reason may not apply for the application of this program for three years.

7.the right of autonomy of teachers participating in the Orhun exchange program remains hidden in their universities.

Ø Mevlana To teachers:

• Paid in the amount of 3,000 Turkish lira per month;

• Participation in the Mevlana exchange program for the first time;

• Proficiency in English or Turkish (university may require a certificate);

• Resume, list of publications, lecture / seminar plan;

All documents must be sent in the form of 1 PDF e-mail under the name Mevlana_Surname_ teacher (the original documents must be submitted to the Department of International Partnership and Internationalization, room 265, main building).

Incomplete and unsigned application will not be accepted.

* Each university has its own form