WP1. Assessment of the HEI preparedness for future challenges
1.1 The self- assessment of each partner country HEIs
1.1.1 Preparation of Methodology for implementation of HEInnovate
1.1.2 Training on implementation of HEInnovate in France
1.2 The Analyses of HEI preparedness for future challenges in Partner countries preparation
1.2.1 Visits of EU experts to CA
1.2.2 Local Trainings on HEInnovate
1.2.3 The preparation of the Analyses at CA HEIs

WP2. Enhancing Entrepreneurship Education and Skills Development
2.1 The University Entrepreneurship Education Activities Audit in Partner countries realization
2.2 Identification of gaps -potential knowledge and skills mismatches
2.3 Training of university representatives in the area of effective entrepreneurship education programme preparation
2.4 Design of effective entrepreneurship education scheme
2.5 Implementation and update of an effective entrepreneurship education scheme

WP3. Establishment/Enhancement of the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Services (CEES)
3.1 The Audit of graduate’s employability support through Careers, Employability and Enterprise Services at each CA HEI.
3.2 Training in the area of graduate’s employability promotion and HEIs–company’s cooperation creation.
3.3 HEI and business representatives’ perceptions of the graduate’s employability enhancement and partnerships with employer’s establishment in each Partner country
3.4 The establishment/Enhancement of Careers, Employability and Enterprise services (CEES) at each CA HEI
3.5 The design and testing of effective Graduate Employability Enhancement Scheme

WP4. Quality Assurance and Evaluation
4.1 The Quality Assurance guideline preparation
4.2 The periodical reports on Monitoring and Evaluation preparation

WP5. Dissemination & Exploitation & Sustainability
5.1 Dissemination Plan preparation
5.2 Dissemination promotion materials, web site and events preparation
5.2.1 Web site preparation
5.2.2 Local/regional dissemination workshops on HEInnovate self-assessment results
5.2.3 Local/regional dissemination workshops on effective entrepreneurship education programme preparation.
5.2.4 The awareness-raising workshops
5.2.5 Newsletters
5.2.6 Leaflets
5.3 The exploitation strategy elaboration
5.4 Final exploitation conferences organization
5.5 The strategy for the sustainability of project results elaboration.

WP6. Project management
6.1 The setting-up TRIGGER project managerial structure and processes
6.2 The project management meetings assurance