About faculty

The faculty begins its history with the Institute of teachers, established in 1950.
   In 1963, the Department of "General biology" was a physics and mathematics faculty, headed by a senior teacher I. Ishanov.
   In 1964, 50 applicants were accepted for this specialty, and the Department of "General biology" was divided into two departments. The Department of chemistry was headed by senior teacher M. Shakirov and the Department of "Biology" by senior teacher G. Azhigaliyev.
    In 1967, the Department was divided into the faculty of physics and mathematics, the Dean of which was elected senior lecturer K. Azhigaliyev. The faculty formed in turn was called "Biology and basics of agriculture".
    In different years, the faculty was headed by K. Azhigaliyev (1967-1968), Zh. Sadykov (1969-1972), K. Azhigaliyev (1973-1976), S. Ablayev (1976), M. Zh. Aldabergenova (1976), B. Zh. Zhanetov (1985-1991), M. A. Aldamzharova (1991-1993), K. A. Azhigaliyev (1993-1997), A. Z. Saparov (1997-2013), S. K. Kasenov (2013-2014), B. Z. Kenzhegulov (2014-2015), A.A.Musayeva (2015-2017),  R.Sh.Abdinov (2017-2020) contributed to the development of the Faculty.
   Since 2020, the Dean of the faculty of natural and agricultural Sciences is Y.S.Kabiyev.
   The faculty, which was established 67 years ago, offers full-time courses in natural science, teaching, and agriculture for about 5,000 young people who work in various industries and schools. And 26 of them received the title of doctor, candidate of science.