About faculty

The history of the faculty begins with the foundation of the university. The faculty has a 70-year history, which is important in the preparation of pedagogical specialties of history, music, fine arts in the region. As a Faculty of Humanities and Humanities, it was established on August 28, 2017. At the Faculty of Humanities - 481 full-time, evening (5-year), 75-, 2-year, 35, 3-year 97, educational grants - 74, akim scholarships - 22 students, 30 undergraduates, including 28 there is a graduate student for educational grants. There are 718 students in total. In the scientific potential of the faculty There are 8 doctors of sciences, 1 candidate of sciences, 20 candidates of sciences, 2 cultural figures.

5B011400-History / 6B01601 - History teacher, historian-researcher, humanities
-History / 6B01601 - History teacher, historian-researcher, Humanities
6M011400-History / 7M01601-History teacher, historian-researcher
6M020300-History / 7M02201-History researcher
5B050400 - Journalism / 6B03201 - Journalism and Information
5B010600 - Music education / 6B01403 - Music teacher, additional education teacher education
5B010700-Fine art and drawing / 6B01404 - Fine art and creativity
5B040300-Vocals / 6B02101 - Concert and chamber artist
5B040400 - Traditional music / 6B021021 - Folk song / 6B021022 - Folk instruments
5B042100- Design / 6B02103 - designer in the chosen direction, artist-designer in educational system

The faculty has 4 departments:
1.Department of Kazakhstan and World History;
2.Department of Journalism;
3.Department of Music and Art;
4.Department of Fine Arts and Design;