DAAD or German Academic Exchange Service - The largest public organization organization. He is engaged in exchange programs for researchers and students. DAAD is funded by the state at the Federal level.
DAAD for international graduates (bachelor's, master's, PhD, postdoctoral, faculty members) and young professionals Competitively awards scholarships for studying at higher educational institutions in Germany and conducting research in research organizations.
Programs for students
• Scholarship for summer University courses
• Study visit for student groups
• DAAD / PASH program for school leavers with advanced German studies
University graduate programs
• Master's degree program for all professionals
• ERP scholarships for post-graduate training of graduates of economic specialties
• Master's degree program for professionals in developing countries
• DAAD / OSI joint scholarship program (master's degree, PhD)
• Postgraduate scholarship for architects and creative professions
• Research results for young researchers (short-term research and PhD Programs)
• Sandwich scholarship (PhD)
• DAAD / UCA joint steeped program (PhD)
Programs for scientists
• Exchange of scientists
• Repeat scholarship for participants with a one-year DAAD scholarship
More information https://www.daad-kazakhstan.org/ru/programmy-dlya-studentov/

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