International Scholarship "Bolashak”
The Bolashak scholarship program allows citizens of Kazakhstan to study at the best universities in the world at the expense of the country's budget. The program has existed since 1993 with the support of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and is aimed at training personnel in areas that are priority for the development of the country. The Bolashak project provides funding for the training of citizens of Kazakhstan in the master's, postgraduate and doctoral programs of leading foreign universities, as well as funding for short-term internships.
Categories of applicants for the Bolashak Scholarship
* The category of self-enrolled students (in one of the recommended universities for a training program in one of the priority specialties)
• Category of civil servants
* Category of research and teaching staff
• Category of university graduates
* Category of cultural workers and creative workers
• Category of media workers
• Category of applicants for internships
In 2021, 1,055 scholarships were allocated for studying under the international Bolashak program. Among them, 555 scholarships are allocated for master's, residency and doctoral programs, and 500-for the new category of internships " Scientists"
The procedure for passing the competition for the Bolashak scholarship
1. Identify the category (one of the seven listed above) that you belong to
2. Read the entry requirements and collect the necessary documents to apply for the competition
3. Upon successful acceptance of the package of documents, the candidate passes the stages of competitive selection (English language proficiency exam, Kazakh language proficiency test, psychological test and interview)
4. If you successfully pass all the selection stages, you will become the lucky winner of the Bolashak scholarship.
The Bolashak scholarship holders are paid not only for their education, but also for a monthly stipend covering the cost of living and food. After completing their studies, the fellows must return to the Republic of Kazakhstan and get a job. The mandatory period of working out is 3-5 years, depending on the training program.
Acceptance of documents: 04/05/-28/10/2021 year. For more information, please contact the international department of the AU named after Kh.Dosmukhamedov or follow the link

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