The Program Of J. William Fulbright was founded in 1946 to promote mutual consent between the American people and people from around the world. Today, the Fulbright program is one of the most recognized and prestigious programs in the world. Fulbright grants are awarded through an open competition. This contributes to the fair selection of the most deserving candidates and the achievement of the goal of this program, namely, to achieve mutual understanding and mutual benefit by contributing to the communities of not only the host country, but also the home country.

The largest part of Fulbright is the international student program, which funds foreigners to pursue a master's or doctorate degree in the United States. Each year, more than 4,000 students from 155 countries come to America for this program and receive fully paid scholarships and grants.

It is important to note that the scholarship amount, eligibility, and application process are different for each country. The information below applies to most countries, but you should definitely check the requirements for your country. You can find your country's requirements by visiting the official scholarship page.


The amount of the scholarship

The scholarship amount includes •

* tuition Fees and various fees

* Accommodation and meals

• Books

• Insurance

• Plane ticket

Requirement to candidates

* Be a citizen of a country that is a Fulbright partner

• The candidate must have completed a College or high school outside of the United States

* Must wish to return to their home country after completing their studies in the United States

• These are basic requirements for most countries. But some countries will have other requirements, such as minimum age and total work experience.

Event calendar

* Applications are accepted in February

• The deadline for submitting applications is in may

* Interviews and applications are processed from may to September.

* Results are announced in October.

* Distribution to universities takes place from October to February.

* Visa interviews are held from February to June.

* In August, past candidates fly to the United States to start their studies.

Relevant documents

* Application for the program (online or in the program offices)

• Transcripts

• GRE certificate

• Three letters of recommendation

• TOEFL certificate


How to apply for a Fulbright scholarship

• Find the official Fulbright website for your country.

* Check whether Fulbright cooperates with your country

* Complete the application by sending the application and documents to the Fulbright office or online.

Most Fulbright processes are handled by the U.S. Embassy. You should go to the official scholarship page below to find out which organizations accept documents in your country.

That's it! Good luck in applying for and receiving scholarships!




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