UNIVERSITY 1990-2000

UNIVERSITY 1990-2000

The nineties of the last century are characteristic in the history of the University as years of rapid transformations, which were the natural result of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of a sovereign state - the Republic of Kazakhstan. During these years, the University functioned as a pedagogical Institute, and on June 2, 1994, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Kazakhstan adopted resolution No. 584 on the reorganization of the University into a University. A little later, the University was named after Khalel Dosmukhamedov.

During these years, a new expansion of the University's material base was undertaken: the construction of another dormitory, a residential building for teachers, and the continuation of the construction of an extension to the main academic building, which began in 1989. Unfortunately, due to lack of funds, the construction of these buildings was mothballed. It was only at the end of 1999 that the regional Akimat decided to complete the construction of a four-story extension to the academic building. The Akim of Atyrau region I. N. Tasmagambetov officially announced that the construction will be completed on August 25, 2000, and the University will actually receive another academic building for the new academic year. This was a great gift to the University for its 50th anniversary.

A lot of effort was also put into updating the equipment of the educational process and providing publishing work. The University has created computer laboratories that provide the educational process of the entire University. Almost all faculties were provided with computers. A University printing house has been established to publish scientific papers of the teaching staff.

If in the 80's the University had six faculties, by 2000 there were nine, and 24 departments began to train students in 30 specialties.

The scientific potential of the teaching staff, which now consists of 389 people, has also increased rapidly. Of these, 107 have academic degrees and titles: seven doctors of science, 83 candidates of science, 23 professors, 49 associate professors. A number of teachers were awarded the title of Professor without defending the doctoral thesis and associate Professor without defending the Candidate`s dissertation. Teachers went to conferences every year, and traditionally (once a year) a University scientific conference was held. In addition, in ASU hosts anniversary scientific conferences - both University and faculty. The faculty of Philology held scientific conferences dedicated to the anniversaries of Abay, A. S. Pushkin, and E. Baratynsky. Among the working teachers in the 90-ies defended their doctoral dissertations Yermekov K. U., Khamiev S. Kh. (1992), Imangaliyev A. S. (1996), Yusupov K. U. (1997), Tabyldiyev Kh. B. (1998). Two of them - Imangaliyev A. S. and Yusupov K. U. - are former graduates of the University. Only in the 90-ies, 24 teachers have defended Candidate`s dissertations: Mukhambetzhanova A., Tanatarova Zh., Bekezhan O., Atashev B. M., Dzhanuzakova Sh., Umirbekova Zh. B., Mukhamedzhanova A. K., Nurmukasheva S.K., Mutaliyeva D. R., Miraliyeva A., Kazhenova S. I., Kartashova A. N., Matzhanova M. A., Yermolcheva V. I., Potapenko O. A., Bayzhigitova G. B., Kenzhebayeva Zh. E., Gubaidullin S., Diarova M. A., Atashev S., Taubayev B. Zh., Anisimov B. F., Bayniyeva K. T., Khamzin S.

The University staff actively participated in all events held in the region and the city, in particular, at the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of K. Satpayev, Kh. Dosmukhamedov, Abay, A. S. Pushkin, 100th anniversary of Kazakhstan oil, etc.

In the organization of this work in the 90s, the undeniable merit of the rectors of those years: Akylbayeva Zh. S., Tabyldiyeva Kh. B., A. S. Imangaliyev, Vice-rectors: Blokhina A. V., Aldamzharova Z. A., Tabyldiyeva Kh. B., Kamesheva I. K. Imangaliyeva A. S. Nurusheva, G. Zh., deans of faculties, heads of departments and all teaching staff and students.

Today Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau state University is highly qualified teaching staff: doctors of Sciences and candidates of Ph.D. masters, academics, international and public academies, honors public education, members of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan, as well as members of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, Union of designers of RK, laureate of the Grand Prix of the International festival of creative youth "Shabyt", the master of sports.

Today, more than seven thousand students receive education in various forms of education at the University.

Kh. Dosmukhamedov ASU is a modern educational technology with active use of a computer base, language laboratories, Internet-connected classrooms and offices, lecture halls with audio-visual and multimedia equipment, eight academic buildings that meet modern requirements, a fundamental library, and a printing house with modern printing equipment, two student dormitories, five canteens, a medical center, a sports complex and a stadium.

Kh. Dosmukhamedov ASU has established strong creative ties with well-known educational and scientific centers of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad, collaborating with universities and research centers in Russia, Bashkiria, Kalmykia, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, France, the United States of America, and South Korea.

OUR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION is the only state University in Atyrau region that provides an opportunity to get high-quality education in natural Sciences, Humanities, Economics, law, fine arts and music, pedagogical and agricultural specialties.


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