English Only Space

English Only Space - English only Space is an independent structural division of the Department of strategic, innovative and International Development.

Goals and main objectives

The purpose of the project "English Only Space" is to create a language environment for the use and development of accumulated knowledge in English, as well as to form motivation for Learning English.

Main tasks:

- interest in learning English;

- practical implementation of innovative methods of accelerated English language learning;

- Excellent knowledge of English.

Main functions

Improving the competitiveness of university graduates and developing the human potential of employees;

Application of innovative educational technologies for the development and realization of students' creative potential through the English only Space project in order to preserve and improve the scientific, industrial, intellectual and cultural potential of students;

Striving for global integration processes;

Formation of communicative skills of students and employees;

Introduction of advanced pedagogical technologies in the educational process.

This is an innovative complex for Learning English, consisting of two components.

  1. Specialized studio complex equipped with unique equipment
    • An original studio that reflects the real and life situations that a person traveling abroad can face (airport, University, Library, Store, etc.);
    • An open platform for cultural and business communication in English;
    • Developed infrastructure equipped with equipment for conducting online sessions and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)
  2. An effective program for intensive learning for children and older people
    • Innovative pedagogical technologies and author's methods for rapid learning of the English language (fluency in English for 3 months);
    • Using digital technologies to teach languages to rural students and teachers (mobile application for schools network);
    • Formation of personal online learning skills. ​

Innovative components

In order to preserve and develop the scientific, industrial, intellectual and cultural potential of students,

English OnlySpace

Thanks to the implementation of the project, the use of innovative technologies for the development and implementation of creative potential

  • striving for modernization and global integration processes, where quality education occupies a leading place in modernization
  • improving the conditions of the educational environment, providing English language learners with the opportunity to master the language, which is a means of successful entry into the world community, using it on a par with Kazakh and Russian
  • formation of communicative competence, which involves not only practical knowledge of the English language, but also the ability to work with information , i.e. the ability to think critically and creatively

Expected results:

Daily attendance of more than 100 students and students of secondary schools of the city;

  • Training of more than 180 people per month;
  • Conducting master classes for more than 400 university teachers per week. ​

Forms and means of expressing the language environment and creative thoughts of students and teachers

  • creating a micro-language environment for the development and application of accumulated knowledge in English
  • creating incentives to learn English
  • removing the barrier of "fear of speaking" in English, in an informal environment, through games, discussions and competitions

Advantages of English Only Space for the city and region:

  • an open platform for obtaining international certificates, created to improve the skills and pedagogical technologies of teachers of all general education schools
  • assistance in the implementation and development of author's online courses for the study of the English language and mainly specialized subjects in English in schools and universities of the country
  • rental of the district for conducting field coaching sessions, scientific and practical conferences, as well as language courses