This is an innovative form of university activity aimed at the formation of entrepreneurial culture and skills for students and residents of the city, the launch of startups and the growth of new companies at the initial stage of development; co – working area-a working area for 80 residents with modern developed infrastructure, including individual meeting (work) places, chat rooms, recreation areas, high-speed Internet, office equipment, where students, startups, freelancers, representatives of small businesses of the city and region work.


For university and students:
  • For relations of the city and region (community-based approach)
  • An additional source of income from rental, training, coffee shop
  • Image and increasing popularity
  • Development of entrepreneurial competencies and skills of students
  • Commercialization of scientific research and development
  • Introducing new products and services to the market
  • Create a sense of sharing the achievements of local business

For the city and region:

  • A new approach to training urban and rural unemployed youth
  • Area for interaction with the university (partnerships)
  • The emergence of new enterprises and jobs
  • Creating a business community with the participation of local residents and expats
  • Innovative format for the development of entrepreneurship for young entrepreneurs
  • Increasing tax revenues
  • Growing entrepreneurship in society