The purpose of the research center of the literary heritage of Abish Kekilbaev is to prepare students studying at the department of the Kazakh language and literature for scientific work as a teacher of the Kazakh language and literature, literary criticism, philology, namely the study of the work of Abish Kekilbaev and the scientific assessment of his poetic and prose works  To teach to determine the ideological and thematic composition of poems, novels and stories, as well as the ideological properties and richness of language means of expression.
        The tasks of the research center are the preparation of scientific articles on the writer's work on a specific topic and their publication in scientific collections.
     The Abish Kekilbayev Research Center was established on October 21, 2016. An outstanding Kazakh statesman and writer Abish Kekilbayev was born in 1939. In 2016, in honor of the 77th anniversary of his birth and death, a literary evening in memory of the writer was held in Atyrau with the participation of statesmen and writers of Kazakhstan. Scientific and practical conferences are organized
        Works performed in the research center of the literary heritage of Abish Kekilbaev: In December 2017, a competition was held in three categories: "Abish Kekilbaev's literary readings". 9 students were awarded.

  1. Artistic reading of A. Kekilbayev's poem.
  2. Artistic reading of prose works by A. Kekilbayev.
  3. Poems dedicated to A. Kekilbayev.

1. In 2018, a collection of student scientific articles "student research " on the study and study of A. Kekilbayev's literary heritage "the history of Abish" and a collection of poems "Altyn shuak" were published.
2. In July 2018, a collection of poems "Sholpan" by fourth-year student Rakhimzhan Orynbasarov, prepared by the A. Kekilbayev Center, was published.

The main directions of scientific activity:

  • The creative world of A. Kekilbayev;
  • Prose by A. Kekilbayev;
  •  A.Kekilbayev-statesman; introduction into scientific circulation of accumulated data on research areas, carrying out targeted activities together with students, undergraduates and doctoral students;
  • Study and study of the heritage of poets and writers, popularization



1. The Makhambet magazine began to appear in 2020.

2. Zhumeken magazine began to appear in 2021.

Head: doctor of philological sciences, professor. K.Zhusip

Published works of the Research Center for Literary Heritage of Abish Kekilbaev

  1. Syrly zhurek syngyry /K.Zhusip, M.Aktazhiyeva/Atyrau: "Agatai baspasy", 2020, 119 b;

    2. Sagynyshty cheese: ölender zhinagy/Қ.Zhusip/Almaty. "Bolat Media" mekemesі, 2020. – 169 b
    3. Abish Kekilbayuly prozasynyn shalkar syry/K.Zhusip/Almaty: "Bolat Media" mekemesi, 2021. - 128 b
    4. Zhyldar syry/K.Zhusip/Atyrau: "Atyrau-Akparat" ZhSS, 2021. – 420b
    5. Sembay Berdimuratovtyn akyndygy/K.Zhusip, M.Amangalieva/Atyrau: "Agatai baspasy", 2021. - 128 b



Report of the A. Kekilbayev Center for 2020-2021

Zhusup Kadyr Utegenuly

Director of the Center, member of the Union of Writers and Journalists

+7 (7122) 21-90-41

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