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Our University

Atyrau University named after Khalel Dosmukhamedov



In the modern world, education and science are becoming a powerful incentive for the development of society. Kazakhstan has chosen the future of innovative development in the education and science system. Special attention is paid to universities in Kazakhstan in this direction. The key pillar is the system of scientific research at the heart of University education. Thus, the regional University becomes the center of socio-economic development of the region and attracts leading scientific discussions.

            For more than 65 years of its history, Atyrau State University named after Kh. Dosmukhamedov has become the largest center of education and science in the West Kazakhstan region.

Atyrau State University named after Kh. Dosmukhamedov is a higher educational institution that trains competitive specialists of international level who have their own history and experience in the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

            The University was opened on June 14, 1950, as a teachers ' Institute. During the first academic year, the Institute opened three departments and accepted 150 students with Kazakh and Russian languages of instruction.

            In 1955, the Teachers ' Institute became a pedagogical Institute. In 1994, the pedagogical Institute was established at Atyrau University. In the same year, it was named after a prominent figure, scientist Khalel Dosmukhamedov. The University has passed state certification and received the status of the first regional University in the Western region of Kazakhstan.

            In 2005, a quality management system was introduced, aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of the educational institution in education and the requirements in the world education sphere. The educational institution received certificates "ISO 9001-2000" and the West Kazakhstan branch of JSC "National center for expertise and certification" of the organization "Moody International Certification".

            In 2007, scientists of the University took part in the exhibition competition "Алтын сапа" to determine the winners of the award of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan "for achievements in the field of Quality" and received a letter of thanks.

            On September 18, 2009 (Bologna), the universities signed the Great Charter, which is a symbol of the University's ability and rich tradition.

            In 2010, the University became one of the 600 world United universities in the Great Charter. The University was a full participant in the Bologna Process. In accordance with the requirements of the Bologna process, students have the opportunity to receive double diplomas, complete their studies in the shortest possible time. According to the results of the rating of the best universities in Kazakhstan, the University ranks sixth among multidisciplinary universities.

            The University's policy is to provide high-quality education, reach the international level, and ensure the competitiveness of trained specialists.

            The educational institution trains bachelors in 46 specialties and master’s degree in 14 specialties. The University has about 500 teachers, including 200 doctors of science and candidates of science, professors and associate professors, PhDs.

            The University effectively uses laboratories for the preparation of electronic textbooks, and information technology Center, a printing house, an educational TV and radio center, an electronic reading room, an Internet club, educational laboratories and computer classes equipped with modern technical means.

            To increase the level of employment of graduates and meet orders for qualified specialists, an annual employment fair is held, which is attended by domestic and foreign companies in the region, representatives of banks at various levels, and responsible persons of the regional Department of education. In the educational process, master classes of famous personalities are traditionally held. The state program "with a diploma-to the village" works effectively.

            Prospects of the University-the leading Western educational institution in Kazakhstan, which is actively involved in solving the problems of national innovative development, ensuring the quality of education and training of professional personnel at the level of international standards.

            The University trains highly qualified specialists who meet the international standards of the innovative education system, making their contribution to the socio-economic and socio-political development of the region.

The University is a member of the Association of state universities of the Caspian countries, the Great Charter of World classical universities (Bologna 2010), and The Association of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

            The University has established business cooperation with foreign higher education institutions and research centers.

            The University has created all conditions for the comprehensive development of students. We are fully confident that we are preparing the future of Kazakhstan!