Corporate governance

       Since 2017, some state and national universities of Kazakhstan have switched to the status of non-profit joint-stock companies with 100% state participation. Among them is Atyrau University named after H.Dosmukhamedov.    This transformation is focused on the experience of Nazarbayev University. This step will allow universities to commercialize their innovative technologies and open new scientific enterprises.    With the transition to the NAO, changes will also occur in the scientific and educational infrastructure of universities.  Among the advantages that the NAO status gives is the opportunity to receive budget investments by increasing the authorized capital of the university.    As a result of the strengthening of the digital transformation of the university, educational training programs will be updated and modernized, a transparent corporate governance system of the university will be built, the business community will be involved in the activities of the university.    Automation of business processes will significantly reduce operating costs, increase the quality and speed of tasks, reduce operational risks and minimize the impact of the human factor.    The creation of a digital university will make it possible to train highly qualified specialists who are able to apply digital technologies to improve the quality and effectiveness of the development of a particular industry.

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