«Student council»

Students council

The student self-government structure is a member of the public self-government, working in close cooperation with all departments of the University.

The management of student self-government structures is appointed at the beginning of the academic year by students studying at the University, by an open vote for a period of one year.

The structure of student self-government in accordance with this Regulation approves the internal rules of its work, based on the decision of a higher authority.

The structure of student government

carries out initiative, independent, public activities to address topical issues related to the organization of leisure time for students, increase their social activity, support student initiatives, is carried out by the leadership of the Department of youth policy.


·         Main task


·         Main function


·         Organizational structure


·         Responsibilities and rights

Based on the program of the structure of student self-government, increasing the activity of student organizations in the development of conscious education of the quality of education, increasing the rights, duties and responsibilities of youth activists, organizing cultural, sports and educational work.