Quality management system

The objectives of the QMS:

 • implementation of the University Policy in the field of education quality;
 • documentation support and maintenance of the documentation of the QMS of the university in an updated and operational state;
 • coordination of implementation of the education quality management system in the structural divisions of the university;
 • coordination and support of activities to measure, monitor, analyze and improve processes;
 • providing activities for the audit of the QMS and self-assessment of the university;
 • analysis and examination of the functioning of the QMS of structural units of the university;
 • documentation management;
 • record management;
 • internal audit.

The department goal is - development, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the QMS of the university in order to increase the satisfaction of consumers and other interested sides.

 The main directions:
 - planning: implementation and improvement of the QMS at the university;
 - Engage young specialists and students in the framework of term papers and dissertations in the main directions of the service;
 - preparation of materials for compilation of summary reports on the results of internal audits;
 - conducting internal audits;
 - control over the development and implementation of corrective and preventive actions;
 - coordination of the activities of the university departments to improve staff qualifications in the field of quality management;
 - informing stakeholders about the activities of the service on the University web page.



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