BUSINESS - INCUBATOR "ISPACE" will help you bring your business ideas to life using the best business incubation practices that meet the needs of entrepreneurs. ISPACE motivates enterprising people from different communities to develop their business plans and effectively launch their companies through various specialized programs. ISPACE and its partner organizations provide advisory support, mentoring, training young entrepreneur students, private individuals.

The main functions of the Business Incubator:

  • Providing incubator business teams with comprehensive consulting and information services on legislation, entrepreneurship, innovation, intellectual property protection, taxation, lending, investment and other issues;
  • Organizing conferences, exhibitions, seminars on organizational,economic and legal issues of entrepreneurship in the scientific and technical field, including with international participation;
  • Helps to attract investments for research and development of students and young scientists of the University and the commercialization of their results;
  • Carries out transfer of university technologies to small and medium-sized enterprises;
  • Faculty and staff and the general population of the city and region;
  • The organization of interactive courses for youth for business projects development.

Unit of development «Еco-campus» is our commitment to future generations, which is to protect the environment, increase the welfare of the population and ensure economic stability.

This is a complex process, the success of which depends on many factors, one of which is education and research.

Program of “Eco-Campus” Development of unit Atyrau University is not just an opportunity to implement interesting eco-initiatives and introduce eco-innovations, but it is also a mechanism for transforming the university into a center for sustainable development at the regional and international levels.

The Eco-Campus is not only a statement of the University’s commitment to the principles of sustainability, but also reflects the joint efforts and collective will of the university community in achieving a better sustainable future.

          This is an innovative and comprehensive transformation of the university, which involves:

    • Unique landscape design and landscaping of the university;
    • Development of the eco-system and infrastructure of the university;
    • Modern scientific laboratories at the university to solve the environmental problems of Atyrau region (for the purification of water, air, and the cultivation of organic agricultural products);
    • Training in new relevant professions such as eco-auditor, crisis eco-manager, project manager in the field of ecology, eco-designer, bio-designer, eco-systems developer, etc .;
    • Implementation of environmental practices at the university by saving electricity and water, switching to eco-transport, separate collection and recycling of waste, refusing to use plastic bags and bottles, providing healthy eating outlets, and others;
    • Improving the eco-culture of students, employees and teachers of the university, as well as residents of the city and region;
    • Startups in the field of ecology and biotechnology;
    • International recognition according to the criteria of world rating organizations.

    • Mustakhim Zhanerke Zhumagereikyzy

      Head of Business Incubator Department "iSpace" and the development department "Eco-Campus"